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 Chaos Dome

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PostSubject: Chaos Dome   Chaos Dome I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 15, 2009 10:09 pm

This roleplay takes place in dome-like structure spanning a whole country in size where there are no rules and all is in complete and utter chaos. Inside this dome is a medieval-like world where modern-day technology and weapons do not exist. The people residing in the dome do not know there is an outside world. Anyone who claims otherwise is written off as having a mental problem.

The only authority figures here are called the Vox who are all skilled fighters. They try to recruit members in attempt to force the dome-dwellers into some sort of order. On the opposing side of the Vox are the Ingruo who are murderers and criminals. The Ingruo are just as skilled in a fight as the Vox are and a lot of conflict brew between the two groups.

Many of the common people soon feel they should start to train themselves and then choose sides, hoping to gain entry for survival. Children also enroll in these groups, often put up for the slaughter in fights. After years of tiny struggles here and there, both sides grow to be so large and so much arguing happens between them that war is declared.

This is where our story begins...

Character Information




Group & Status: (Vox, Ingruo, Common Person, or even the village psycho who knows a world exists outside the dome)

Appearance: (an image can be used)

Skills: (nothing inhuman allowed)





My Character

Name: Sarina

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Group & Status: Ingruo Leader

Appearance: Chaos Dome Earth

Skills: Swordsman, archer, and leader. Extremely good at devising battle plans and delivering speeches to her followers.

Personality: Kind only to those who believe exactly what she believes about the "world". She can be quite bossy and also blood-thirsty. She says that if in power, she will make sure the Vox leader will be put to death and her followers may order the Common People (which includes the rest of the Vox) to do their bidding.

Background: Sarina was raised by caring parents who wanted the best for her. They often stole and even killed so that Sarina could have whatever she wanted. The Vox captured Sarina's parents when she was at the age of 17 and she vowed to exact revenge on them. As soon as she was able, she trained hard to get into the Ingruo and made it. She fought so hard for them that in the dying moments of the first Ingruo leader, he intrusted all of his followers to her in hopes of keeping their world "free".

Other: Although Sarina is looked upon by her followers as visionary and intellegent, the Vox and many Common People view her as a complete lunatic.
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PostSubject: Dez   Chaos Dome I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 15, 2009 10:35 pm

Character Information

Name: Dez

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Group & Status: Ingruo second in command

Appearance: Chaos Dome SwordsMan

Skills: Master swordsman, expert in stealth and assassination

Personality: Dez is usually laid back and nonchalant, but can be a worst nightmare when he needs to. He finds life as a joke, but can get serious with a snap of his fingers. He enjoys his role in the Ingruo and finds interest in torture.

Background: Dez was orphaned at the age of 5, being constantly bullied by the others in the dome. At the age of 11, all against him were found dead and dismembered in a back alley. He disappeared for 12 years, finally returning a completely changed person. Upon returning, he learned his parents were killed by the Vox; this in turn causes him to join the Ingruo. After less than 6 months, he gained the trust of the leader as well as a strong friendship and became second in command of the Ingruo. He too refuses to die until the heads of every Vox member is mounted on a plaque.

Other: A complete and utter lunatic
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Dome   Chaos Dome I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 18, 2009 11:17 pm

Character Information

Name: Rixam

Age: 24

Gender: male

Group & Status: common person, just a mercenary

Appearance: Chaos Dome Rixam10

Skills: uses both sword and claw to attack people, and is a pretty good swordsman, plus has good eye sight, and is actually smart, when he actually feels like it.

Personality: has a not caring attitude towards everything, unless it concerns him, money, or a pretty face, which sadly can lead to his demise, even through he concerns himself with ladies, he doesn't always go after every pretty face he sees. Sometimes let's past memories affect himself such as, delusion, and other things.

Background: Nothing much is known about him, except grew-up all alone, later at the age of 10 got taken under slavery and was forced to become a slave until he busted out at the age of 15 only to be brought to a scientist's lab to be tested on, which explains his right arm, which he had horribly attacked during one of the test runs for battle against a creature of ungodly proportions, thankfully he was able to savage what he can to make it still function. And after many years of being told he'll never be anything but a puppet, he killed the scientist in a fury rage that left him writing the words no freedom, protection, and light on his clothes using the now desecrated remains of the scientist that tortured him. when he became 20 years old, he had no idea of what he was going to do, that was until he found out that he might have a relative still alive, he doesn't know whether it's mom, dad, brother, sister, or even a step-uncle he now tries hard to find this person. And now that he is 25, he now doesn't care about which side is right, simply because he doesn't care enough, and that has given him some trouble with people since others feel as if it is a big deal to care about this war, quite frankly he doesn't understand, but what he does understand is that there is a war, and he likes it.

Other: does not know why he has one red eye and one blue eye, also got the sword from a traveling merchant who thought it might help him at least get food for himself.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Dome   Chaos Dome I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 07, 2009 7:56 am

Name: Edward
What a Face Laughing Twisted Evil clown affraid geek


Group & Status: Ingruo's secret weapon

Chaos Dome 41kBSkEIqIL._SL500_AA280_Chaos Dome Iron_maiden_-eddie

Skills: An excellent liar and thief. He would rather kill for pleasure than for need

Personality:Evil, genius, absolutely insane, sarcastic, cocky, and violent

Background:heavily scarred from tortures he's put himself through he feels most alive when in pain. so much so that he thrives to be hit around a bit he actually enjoys it. His parents were killed while he was a child and he grew up raised by thieves, murderers, and just plain criminals. He soon buried himself in the world of professional killing taking the smallest jobs he could get just for the thrill of manslaughter. his favorite weapon is a miniature fire axe.

Other:he loves killing...he doesn't care if he's just a tool for the Ingruo as long as he gets to kill and gets broken out of the insane asylum every now and then...also he likes his hair long but the doctors at the asylum shave it every time he gets caught. The Ingruo use him mostly as a distraction..they just sent him off into a town square with his little axe and they let him have fun while a stealth job is being done.
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Chaos Dome
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