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 Supernatural and the Paranormal

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PostSubject: Supernatural and the Paranormal   Sat Feb 21, 2009 6:19 pm

I decided to start this topic I'm sure most of us are into! Ghosties, aliens, monsters (Big Foot - which isn't a myth, by the way, it's proven to be my brother - and Loch Ness), fairies, elves, DRAGONS, yada, yada...

Plus, I also saw Sothis' location thingy and it made me think up to put this here.

Which, by the way, out of every member of this site, I'm the one who lives closest to Stull Cemetery - supposedly one of the gates to Hell. Why? Because it resides in the town of Stull, which is in Kansas.

I happen to live in Wichita, far as I know, the rest of you live in PA. Hm, maybe sometime you should come here and we can take a trip there and do a 'ghost hunt' for fun or whatever. I want to try and get some of my friends here to do that for one of the cemeteries here (there's like...10 or more I think...).

But, anyway, back to the subject at hand - do any of you believe?

I do! Very Happy
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Supernatural and the Paranormal
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