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 A poem by Snowy...

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A poem by Snowy... Empty
PostSubject: A poem by Snowy...   A poem by Snowy... I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 07, 2009 4:57 am

A poem by Snowy...

remember the day
sometime in may
you went away
you took some of my heart with you that warm sunny day

remember the fall
when you forgot to call
that made me think you didn't care at all
oh how I was wrong

and remember how I made you laugh
and how I always used to blush
and we were torn apart by circumstance
now you don't laugh as much

I would get up out of bed
when you awoke, rose petals by your head
you were all I ever loved
way back when, yeah those times were fun

When you were home with the flu
and I vowed to take care of you
you kept telling me that I didn't have to
The very next day I was sick too
but I laughed cause I was sick with you

Five years it's been since our year of love
back at home things haven't changed much
heard you got married to a man in the navy
heard he left you at home with a baby

I never thought you would settle down
as for me i'm still the clown
our broken hearts will never mend
we both have responsibilities we must tend

remember that day from years ago?
I think it was may, but i'm not sure cause i'm old
well anyway, when you went away
with you my heart will always stay

rhank you
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A poem by Snowy...
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