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 Monologues for Drama...

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Monologues for Drama... Empty
PostSubject: Monologues for Drama...   Monologues for Drama... I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2009 12:46 am far in my Drama 1 class (Mr. Lundin freaking ROCKS!), I've had to do two monologues...

Well, one's completed and over and performed with...the other one I shall perform on Tuesday.

Anyway, I felt like posting my monologues for you people!

(And if you don't like what, screw you...)

Our first monologue in the class:

Francis (Baby), from Dirty Dancing

"I told you I was telling the truth Daddy. I'm sorry I lied to you. (Pause) But you lied too. You told me everyone was alike and deserved a fair break. But you meant everyone who was like you. You told me you wanted me to change the world, make it better. But you meant by becoming a lawyer or an economist and marrying someone from Harvard. (Pause) I'm not proud of myself, but I'm in this family too and you can't keep giving me the silent treatment. (Pause) There are a lot of things about me that aren't what you thought. But if you love me, you have to love all the things about me. And I love you, and I'm sorry I let you down, I'm so sorry Daddy. But you let me down too."

Every girl in the class actually had the same exact thing, so...

This next monologue we got to pick ourselves, and they were to be from movies. Which, I think this will be the only time we'll have to find monologues from movies...

Anyway, my monologue I chose is spoken by Molly Gunn (who's played by Brittney Murphy), from the movie Uptown Girls. It's the part where the mother is firing Molly - she's a nanny - after the mother's daughter's (Ray's - and she's played by Dakota Fanning) father died - after Molly said he would get better. And then Molly starts yelling at the mother. I chose that.

I have yet to put blocking, and such in it, but I will.

Molly Gunn, from Uptown Girls

"You call that taking it well? Do you know what etage your daughter's at in ballet, Mrs. Schleine? Or that she was banned from her science class for stealing a formaldehyde pig so she could give it a proper burial in Central Park? And the tea set you got's exquisite and beautiful, but do you know how she likes to have her tea? How many lump, two...cream, sugar...? You're right. You don't know what goes on between me and Ray because you don't know very much about your own daughter. ...You don't give her respect. You give her whatever she asks for so you don't have to deal with her. She's eight years old. She is not twenty-eight...Please remember that the next time you show her some respect."

So, that's it. It has to be over a minute long. So actually the initial monologue was shorter, so I did cuts for the mother and added Molly's replies to the monologue. Surprisingly it all works well together!

Oh, and I decided to show you the video of it...The thing would start at 0:58 and end at about...2:07-ish...

What do you think?! Very Happy

And, of course, you can put your own monologues you've (possibly) done in your own Drama class!
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Monologues for Drama... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Monologues for Drama...   Monologues for Drama... I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2009 1:22 am

Good idea! Here's a few monologues I've read for my drama class:


FROMME: I was like you once. Lost. Confused. A piece of shit. Then I met Charlie...I was sitting on the beach in Venice. I'd just had a big fight with my daddy about, I don't know, my eye make-up or the bombing of Cambodia. He said I was a drug addict and a whore and I should get out of his house forever. I went down to the beach and sat down on the sand and cried. I felt like I was disappearing. LIke the whole world was dividing into two parts. Me, and everybody else. And then this guy came down the beach, this dirty-looking little elf. He stopped in front of me and smiled this twinkly devil smile and said, "Your daddy kicked you out." He knew! "Your daddy kicked you out"! How could he know? My daddy didn't tell him, so who could've? God. God sent this dirty-looking little elf to save a little girl lost on a beach. He smiled again and touched my hair and off he went. And for a minute I just watched him go. Then I ran and caught his hand, and until they arrested him for stabbing Sharon Tate, I never let it go.


Haha! A follower of Charles Manson's monologue and I got that one at random! What awesome luck.



I could never figure out why Joseph and Mary filled the manger with peas. Peas are not my favorite vegetable; they are a poor fourth to corn, beans, and carrots. I certainly would not want to sleep in a mess of squishy, green peas, no matter how heavenly they might be. Yet every Christmas, for many years, I sang it out, loud and clear: "Sleep in heavenly pea..eas; sle-eep in heavenly peas." As I sang, I had a vivid mental image. I always wondered how they got the green stains out of the swaddling clothes.

I had vivid mental images for another song, too. We have always called the electric stove in our kitchen a "range" and when I went to kindergarten, I learned a marvelous song in which deer and antelope played on top of our kitchen stove. Buffalo lived there too, and we all roamed happily around the kitchen together. I did wonder how any cooking got done, but the idea of all those exotic animals living in our kitchen and jumping up on our range was exciting.


Chris did that one for the audition of the two one act plays we will be doing this year. I was thinking about doing one of these but decided on another one which i won't put on here because it's not as exciting.
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Monologues for Drama...
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